Melbourne Small Office Commercial Fitouts

Smaller Offices Can Be Amazing Spaces to Work & Collaborate…

A small office presents a unique challenge from an office fit-out perspective. 

The limited space and sometimes cramped quarters can turn many business owners off an office transformation.

The reason we started this company is because we know the potential small offices have to become beautiful spaces where work gets done, collaboration happens and people work together to grow businesses and develop relationships.

We have transformed tired, drab and poorly utilized, small-to-medium office spaces all over Australia.

Our Client List includes many well-known household brand names who are today enjoying the benefits of an office that has been well laid-out, planned around specific businesses needs and requirements and as a result attracts employees into the office. Even during these times when working from home is increasing in popularity.

If you’d would like to learn more about what we can do for your current or prospective office space give us a call. We would love to help guide you on this process.

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Small Office Fitout Completed In Carlton, Melbourne
Melbourne Small Office Commercial Fitouts

Small Office Fitouts Melbourne

It’s never been more important to provide a work space that attracts your team into the office and promotes collaboration. An office that has been pre-planned and designed around the needs of your business and its people. And also reflects your brand identity is a tremendous way to foster the growth of your business within the confines of your office.

The financial and people cost of an office that does not attract people to come to the office each day and makes it easy for them to do great work while in the office – is enormous.
Research has shown that an office that promotes productivity and collaboration is an investment that pays back exponentially on any office fit-out investment.

Office Refurbishment

If your business occupies an office space of between 200 square meters to 1000 square feet this is typically what is categorized as a small to medium-sized office space.

It takes a special type of space planner and designer to be able to properly maximize a smaller space.
Our team of award-winning designers can make better use of even the most cramped office spaces.

Make-Good Projects

If you’re leaving a small to mid-sized office it’s imperative that the office is returned to its pre-lease condition in order to get your large security deposit back. This is an essential part of vacating an office and obviously as a business you want this to be a small investment.

We understand this and commit to providing a make good service at the most competitive prices.


Small Office Furniture Fitout

A brand new office without complimentary furniture is a job half done. New furniture does not have to mean expensive.  instead the focus should be on sourcing comfortable, practical furniture that matches the aesthetics of your brand. 

Our procurement strength means we have access to a wide range of office furniture at some of the cheapest prices anywhere.

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A Guided Experience From Our First Call To Your Brand New Office

Inspiration & Design


We understand a critical part of delivering our clients an office they love, is by outing being able to inspire and guide our clients from the outset.

We welcome and encourage your ideas and will seek to complement those ideas with industry best practices, latest designs and technology that supports your business goals.

Project Manage & Create


A Melbourne office renovation without excellent project management is a recipe for disaster. Timelines & budgets will fail, there will be unnecessary stress & the client relationship will fracture. None of which is not conducive to a seamless office refurbishment experience. Each day our gaol is to provide the best project management and client experience of any company in the industry.

Move In & Flourish


It really is as simple as that. With an expert team of designers and project managers we will guide you through the process to ensure there is minimal disruption on your business operations and no added stress. 

All that’s ready to do once you get to this point is enjoy your new office and grow and flourish as a company.


Chat with our team to explore your new office possibilities


We start with an exploratory discussion around your current office’s challenges and shortcomings.

If you have ideas for your new office we’d love to hear them at this stage.


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Client Testimonials

“My team could not be happier. They are dying to come back to our office having spent time working from home during COVID. “

Patrick Thomson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“New Office Fitout pros for sure. We wanted to improve the our new office before we moved in. The C-suite is very happy with the investment”

Brenna Redding

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Small Office Refurbishment Project In Melbourne


Small Office Fitout Challenges

Small offices present a unique challenge for any interior architect or space designer. Challenges that are not often a consideration when designing a large office space. 

A designer of a small to medium-sized office needs to understand angles and utilisation of space in a special way. They need to know the way tiered levels and specific furniture can be utilized to create more usable space without cluttering the environment.  

Only a team that does this day in and day out,  understands how to deliver the most usable, and at the same time beautiful small and medium offices.

Small Office Furniture

Choosing the Right Furniture

Procurement of the right furniture that actually increases the amount of storage or usable space is a necessity. Our team are experts at utilizing tiered and mezzanine levels.

We know how to incorporate furniture into designs so that the furniture has multiple uses – oftentimes these items are not even considered to be furniture.  The proper use of glass partitions can multiply the number of breakout spaces and meeting rooms without ever physically building an additional meeting room. Our office partition installation service is second to none.

It’s little things like this which separate a team that does small-to-medium office fit-outs full-time from the competition


Medical Office Reception After A Refurbishment
Bar Fitout In St.kilda

Natural Office Light

Bar Fitouts | Retail Store Fitouts

The simple act of letting in more natural light tells the human mind that a space is more spacious than it actually is.

Planning an office carefully and selecting furniture which pass through natural light are just a couple of the ways that a small office can be made to feel even larger than it is.

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Pods & Booths

How many times do you see one or two people in a meeting room that has seating for 8 or 12. Staff do this by necessity because they don’t have a meeting space suitable for smaller groups.

The recent emergence of individual and two-person pods and booth, which are soundproofed, have air flow and electricity are a fantastic way to increase the number of private meeting spaces at minimal cost.

Dental Office Fitout
Lecture Theatre In Monash University Melbourne

Public Sector

Smart Storage

There are so many brilliantly designed pieces of furniture in the market today that can be bought off the shelf, or that our talented team can build that seamlessly combines traditional uses with useful storage space. 

Everything from sofas to chairs,  to conference tables and even walls can be sources of additional storage space.  

The result of which is improved organization and less cluttering of the visible work environment.


Office Fitters Melbourne

As a team of small office Fitters and refurbishment specialists we pride ourselves on setting the industry standard for transforming small to medium office spaces into amazing spaces to work.  

Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn how achievable a brand new, improved office space is. 

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Small or Medium Office

 We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in small and medium sized office fitouts. Whether we’re talking about  small to medium sized office refurbishments, large corporate office spaces, bar and retail fit outs, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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