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As most Melbourne businesses know, that first impression is the most important—especially when you’re walking into a new office for the first time. If your office is messy, then it’s possible your clients form an opinion that you’re disorganized and may possibly think twice about working with you and your company. On the other hand, if your office is tidy and stylish, it can give off a positive impression.

If you’re considering a new office fitout, then it’s important to assess your current space to see what changes need to happen. An office has to be a space that caters to the productivity of your company’s employees in order to achieve business goals set by the company. Our team at JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts can help you get on the right track when it comes to office fitouts. 


Office Furniture Categories

There are numerous types of office furniture to choose from, as well as numerous factors to consider. Budget, design plans, durability, employee productivity, ergonomics, etc. Taking on a task of this size can be daunting but you don’t need to worry because we at JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts have you covered from standing desks to black mesh office chairs. 

There are two main types of office furniture, an office desk and an office chair, but those two things can be further divided into different types: 

Office Desks

Writing Desks

These are open, minimalist desks with little storage and a large desktop. Writing desks are ideal for positioning against a wall or in the center of an office floor. For office work, this design is better suited for a laptop than a desktop computer. The straightforward, conservative styling works well in almost any setting.

Computer Desks 

Computer desks are the most practical and utilitarian of all office desks in a modern office setting. These have enough room for a computer tower and monitor, as well as storage for any computer accessories, cables, and peripherals you may require. These are built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. 

Executive Desks

The executive desk reigns supreme in the world of office desks. With plenty of drawer storage and surface area, as well as a large footprint this desk was made for high-ranking officers within the company. 

Floating Desks

This type of desk is directly mounted to a wall, utilizing all available floor space. These desks, which are frequently mounted with shelving and cubbies to take advantage of the vertical frame, are extremely useful for those with limited space.

Standing Desks. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about how unhealthy it is to sit for long periods of time. As a result of the purported health benefits of working part-time at a standing desk, its popularity has risen over the years. Manufacturing companies have answered the call and now there are so many options for standing desks from manual to automated ones. 

Office Chairs

Operator Chairs. Operator chairs, also known as ergonomic chairs, are what most employees sit on at their desks. Operator chairs are designed for long periods of sitting and include all of the features you’d expect from an ergonomic office chair. Built-in lumbar support, adjustable height, armrests, and a five-star wheelbase are all standard. 

Executive Chairs. Executive chairs, as the name implies, are a high-end type of office chair. Executive chairs are commonly found in executive offices and are made of fashionable materials such as leather. Their elegant design will include a high back and thickly padded seats and armrests.

24 Hour Chairs. If you have employees who work long hours or anticipate pulling an all-nighter, they will require a 24-hour chair. These office chairs are built to withstand heavy daily use, with sturdy frames and well-built mechanisms. A 24-hour chair includes all of the standard ergonomic features, such as adjustable height, armrests, and lumbar support, but they are all built to a higher standard.

Fabric Chairs. When it comes to office chairs, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Fabric is the most common. Fabric is the preferred material for most office chairs because it is comfortable, versatile, and offers good value for money. Fabric can be found in a variety of office chairs, but it is most commonly found in operator and other ergonomically minded products.

Leather Chairs. Leather is a better choice for a more upscale, polished office chair. When compared to fabric or mesh office chairs, choosing a leather office chair will result in a higher price. They are extremely comfortable, and they frequently come with additional padding that adds to the premium feel. Despite their comfort, they are not suitable for use in hot weather because the material will heat up and cause discomfort to the user.

Mesh Chairs. Mesh, more than any other material, improves the ergonomics of an office chair. Mesh chairs, which are designed to be breathable, are ideal for adding comfort to working environments that are prone to high temperatures. The net-like mesh office chair is essential for people who struggle in the summer heat.

Transform the workspace

Employees spend the majority of their day in the office (unless they work freelance or are permitted to do so elsewhere), so it stands to reason that they would prefer to be in an area that enhances rather than detracts from their performance. Because a productive workforce benefits the company.

Because of the prevalence of wireless connectivity and mobile computing, the flexible workspace has surpassed the popularity of open office spaces. It is now much easier to complete tasks on a portable laptop with Wi-Fi capability.

This workspace design, which has been adopted by large corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Apple, clearly has significance and benefits for the company and its employees. Employees are happier when they are not 
confined to cubicle and are free to move around, sit, stand, roam, or interact with coworkers.

workspace that adapts to the needs of the employee can provide relief by allowing them to control how and where they work and even bring physical comfort. These are the steps that JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts have come up with when transforming the office space. 
  • Analyze the current space. We will determine the actual area that is usable and consult with you with what you keep and what can be improved upon. 
  • Make a list of issues and possible solutions. This step will require questioning the workforce and really listening to what they need and try to implement it because, at the end of the day, a happy and productive workforce will benefit the company by leaps and bounds. 
  • Set the budget. The work we can do will depend greatly on the budget that you as our client will set. With a reasonable budget, we can address all the issues that need attention like construction and interior office designs.
  • Schedule. A timeline is crucial for any job. Our team will do our best to meet the timeline as best we can. Depending on the scale of the job, it could take only a few weeks all the way to a couple of months. 


Office Design That Suits The Way You Work

Office design is vital in ensuring that the workforce is productive and feels that they have a purpose to serve. Poorly designed workspaces can have a significant impact on work, with 46 percent of professionals reporting that their current workspace has a significant impact on their productivity. Improve your team’s productivity by making their working environment more pleasant.

Modular workstations are a thing of the past. Most employees no longer want to be confined to a single space. Open floor plans with space to collaborate and work as a team are the new trend in Melbourne office fitouts. Furniture like sit-stand desks and height-adjustable office chairs are part of the office design plan that will suit the way you and your employees work. 

When we serve others, we grow. The purpose is a powerful motivator, and you can foster it through workspace design plans. Demonstrate to employees that they are cared for, that their work is valued, and that they are making a difference in the lives of others. Make sure to integrate the values and the message your company wants to set out in the office design plan. 

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Types of Fitouts 

Along with different types of furniture, there are also a number of ways your office space can be fitted out. Here are the three main categories of an office furniture fitout:

Shell and Core Fitout

The framework of the office space is already in place, ready for the finishing touches. The space may appear finished from the outside, but it lacks several components such as power, interior walls, lighting, and heating. A shell and core fit-out enables a company to tailor a space to its needs. This is appropriate for large companies that require a lot of space.

Category A Fitout

This level of fitout covers the essentials for a functional office but lacks the “finishing touches.” Flooring, wall coverings, and suspended ceilings are typical category A features, as are electrical distribution, small-power sockets, lifts, toilets, fire detection systems, and so on.

Category A fitouts are functional but lack the secondary design elements that make a workspace fit for purpose. Category A fitouts are also required when a company wishes to change mechanical or electrical systems in order to improve efficiencies.

Category B Fitout

Category B fit-out is the layout that considers your company’s needs and image. This fit-out entails the installation of features and systems not found in Category A. In other words, Category B is the aesthetic design fit-out phase in which the space is tailored to the needs of the business.

This phase may include window treatments, furniture installation, lighting installation, some flooring, partitioning, painting, and branding. Category B should be inspired by the company’s culture, work ethics, team size, and protocols for the best results. This is the stage where you can use your creativity and business style to create a memorable brand image.

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