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Do you want office furniture that is both striking and practical? 

Our team can help, with a beautifully designed office space with the addition of an office furniture fit out using one of our elegant office furniture packages.

Having a great looking office doesn’t mean you have to pay a hefty price.

At JTB’s Melbourne Office Refurbishments, our office furniture design team will help you in creating an efficient and modern work space with well designed furniture for an affordable price.

Small Office Furbishment_Desks And Chairs
Small Office Fitout Completed In Carlton, Melbourne

Furniture – the finish touch

Complete The Look

A great way to tie in the entire look and feel of your office space is by including office furniture as part of your office furniture fit out. Our team is able to incorporate fully colour coordinated furniture that will match your floors and interior walls, with the aim of matching the feel and aesthetic of your office.

Quality at good prices

High Quality, Afforable Furniture

Whether you’re looking for elaborately designed, or simplistic furniture, we have styles to match your taste and budget. Our team understands the need for furniture that is both beautiful and is built to last.

Assembly & Set-Up

Desks, Tables & Work Stations

Our team offers many different options that will match your workspace, including the various job roles you have and manage. Our aim is to maximize the potential of your office space by thinking outside the box.

  • Linear workstations – A resourceful solution to the new trends for office furniture fitout. Excellent for managing cables and wiring. 
  • Boardroom and meeting tables – For professional client or business presentations.
  • Benches – To bring all the best ideas together around the table.
  • Drafting tables – A requirement for architectural firms.
  • Ergonomic height-adjustable desks – Perfect for promoting the wellbeing and health of your constantly seated employees.
  • Executive Desks – An important tool in helping the CEO make the right impressions.

Delivery | Assembly

Furniture Delivery & Installation

Our team handles both delivery and installation to your business so that your office space can be both functional and in working order without any delay. Regardless of how tricky or complex your office design might be, our team will calculate the ideal and most efficient way to incorporate an office furniture fit out into your work space to suit your staff needs and operations.


Office Partitions & Screen Dividers

Achieving the perfect balance between focus and collaboration in the office is a major rising trend in the Melbourne area. If you seek productivity, screen dividers and office partitions are your answer.

  • Desk mounted partitions – Ideal for call centres or open plan workspaces
  • Feature panels – Good for adding character that is often lacking in commercial spaces.
  • Mobile dividers that double as whiteboards – A multifaceted option that doubles as a way for employees to improve efficiency by pinning up presentations or important notes.
  • Glass partitions (decorative, transparent or frosted) – Striking an ideal balance of physical privacy and openness in the workspace
  • Free standing dividers – Privacy that is flexible and can be moved around when needed

  • Fixed/demountable wall systems – Perfect for veterinary or medical clinics

Smart Storage Ideas

Storage, Shelving & Filing

Organization is the new sophistication, don’t fall behind the rising office furniture ideas trends in the Melbourne area. Ensure your workspace is clean and safe by managing your equipment and paperwork. Proper storage is essential in creating an environment that stimulates productivity and concentration.

  • Lockers – For safely storing belongings.
  • Kitchen storage – An area to store kitchen appliances and food is a must have for any office space.
  • Mobile caddies – Excellent to have for the open-plan office layouts
  • Fixed shelving/custom joinery – Ideal for small office spaces, works by creating sleek transitions between spaces using blended built-ins.
  • Bookshelves – Whether for purpose or decoration, bookshelves are great for promoting company culture and vision.
  • Hutches – An effective solution to the storage needs of small or medium sized offices.

  • Server room and data storage – A must-have addition to the 21st century office, used to store all confidential data.

  • Lateral filing cabinets – Perfect for legal or financial businesses. A long-lasting option of storing paperwork.

Front of house furniture

Storage, Shelving & Filing

Never underestimate the power of a first impression. This is why it’s vital to consider reception area furniture as one of the most important aspects of your office furniture fit out. The future of reception furniture in Melbourne is one of custom designs that perfectly express your company culture and vision.

  • Reception desks – Warm, welcoming and inviting.
  • Reception counters (high top) – The very first starting point of your workplace.
  • Coffee tables – Vital for transforming a visit into an experience, aesthetically ties in your reception area.
  • Beam seating – Frequently seen in medical centres or clinics.

  • Guest chairs and sofas – Helps in impressing your guests through comfort and style.

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