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The Best Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

Our team of designers work hard to be a source of office inspiration for all business types.  They study, they observe and they try new creative things.

You come from a different perspective, one of big thinking and practicality.

We find the best ideas happen and the greatest offices are built when we accept that the perfect idea can come from anywhere.

That said, here are some best practices that will ensure you office fitouts is all you hope it will be.

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Brand New Office Fit Out In Melbourne Cbd

Melbourne Office Fitouts Ideas

Enhancing The Employee Experience

Our team at JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts is committed to improving the workplace experience of your employees. We believe those who enjoy their hours spent in the workplace are much more likely to show better productivity and performance.

It has also been found that those who view their relationship with their workplace in a positive light are much more engaged with their tasks, strongly suggesting that productivity levels can be increased through improving employee wellbeing. This is a trend that is on the rise in the Melbourne area, and it certainly appears that it’s for good reason – as it’s in everyone’s best interests.

The Key Is Space Utilization

One of the hottest commodities in office fit out design is space! And so, office fit out trends are concentrated on how we can ideally utilize the space you have in order to maximize it. Space utilization works with existing layouts and facilities, determining the most effective and strategic manner of placing what, where.

A vital component of office fitouts ideas involves studying just how your employees interact with your space and certain areas, and whether or not those are being used to their full potential. A popular choice for having this done is workspace consultancy, an effective decision for commercial office fit out projects.


Current office fitouts ideas ensure that your technology department is involved. Your I.T team are among those who are in a good position to advise on knowing what they need now/in the future.

Make sure to work with the office fit outs project manager to improve the tranquility and flow of your work space by concealing wiring/cabling.

Remember that you can be creative and use greenery or artwork to help conceal cables that can’t be concealed, while livening up your office space at the same time.

Comfortable Spaces

New trends in office design in the Melbourne area are pointing to creating areas where employees don’t feel pressured into putting in 100% effort all the time. Break times involving areas where employees are provided comfortable, relaxing spaces where they can de-stress and chat with their co-workers are beginning to show value.

Not everything needs to be work-focused, all the time. Office ideas are pointing out that employees need time of their own in order to not become over-stressed, worrying about being 100% productive actually harms productivity in the long run. Comfortable furnishings, such as plush fixtures and soft seating areas are an example of providing comfortable spaces for your employees.

Great First Impression

First impressions matter, especially when trying to secure a potential partner or a deal with a client. Whoever visits your office for business meetings should be greeted with beautiful office interior design and incredible furnishment that will be sure to impress them and leave a mark in their minds. Something as often looked over as this could very well be the difference when it comes to them choosing you over any of your competitors.


Mixed Materials

The use of depth in office fitouts ideas through the use of a variety of mixed materials is on the rise. Offices aren’t the stripped back, sterile spaces they used to be. Interesting natural textures add an organic atmosphere to your workspace and keep areas pleasing to the eye of your employees. The ability to simply look around a room and gather the same visual clues you could from nature is shown to have a tremendous impact on employee productivity and motivation, by stimulating the mind.


Emphasize Communication

Communication is vital in any office environment. While the internet and similar technologies continue to grow and overtake everything, office fitouts ideas are making intelligent decisions that allow for the implementation of such technologies.

Ultimately this means interior design ideas for an office fit out now involve taking an alternative approach. Providing employees with spaces that can be visited at any time allows them to keep a physical level of communication that keeps bonds with others. This ensures that employees don’t become too isolated from the vital physical aspects of the workplace, which is a rising problem in the Melbourne area.

One trend that is rising to meet this need is the use of open hours collaborative areas, as well as open plan office layouts that ensure co-workers are able to move around and freely communicate with whoever. In this day and age it’s more important than ever to understand that even though the use of email and other such technological communication have given us amazing possibilities; humans are still humans and are at their best when they can remain in physical touch with each other.

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