Thornbury, Victoria 


Thornbury is a small community 10 minutes outside the city of Melbourne. It is known for its rich historical heritage and Victorian architecture. Thornbury is a suburb of Melbourne and is 16 km (10 mi) from Melbourne’s central business district. The suburb is home to Thornbury Town Hall and Thornbury railway station. The suburb has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops. The suburb’s main shopping strip is called The Parade, which is paved with black and white stone.

Thornbury, Victoria is a picturesque town situated approximately 130 kilometers from Melbourne, Victoria. Located on the Yarra River, the town’s landscape is characterized by rocky escarpments, lush greenery, and majestic waterfalls. Thornbury was a government township from 1835 to 1860, and it became a town in 1890. Today, the town has a population of 1,145 and comes under the Shire of Nillumbik local government area. The town is serviced by the Lilydale – Belgrave – Croydon Rail Line, as well as a road link to Melbourne.

The town’s name comes from the Old English words “thorn” meaning “thicket of trees,” and “burh” meaning “wall.” It appears on the 1872 map of Victoria and was most likely named for the Thornbury Heights on the south side of the Murray River.

The city of Thornbury was named after the Australian native bush Thorn bushes which grow in great numbers in the area.

About the economy, culture, and sports of Thornbury, it has a very diverse economy. The breadth and depth of this local economy are supported by the diverse range of industries and their suppliers in the area. The local economy is supported by the diverse range of industries and their suppliers in the area, including agriculture, cattle and sheep grazing, forestry, manufacturing, and tourism.

Thornbury has many places to shop and eat out. In the downtown area there is a number of restaurants, bars, and a cinema. There is a supermarket and many small shops in the downtown area. And has a wide range of sporting facilities including a golf course and a soccer team.

There is an amazing little community in one of the most beautiful parts of Victoria. It is a lovely place to visit and there is so much to see and do. The Thornbury Community is made up of local artists and craftspeople. There are several art galleries in the area. There is the Thornbury Art Festival -held in May.