Melbourne Small Office Commercial Fitouts

Melbourne Small Office Fitouts

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Greatness often starts with small beginnings, and we believe every small office plan has the potential to grow into something greater.

An intimate space where people come together, conversations are had, ideas are shared and team productivity is high.

You want your office to have the same vision as your brand and story.

At JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts, we offer a comprehensive design and small office fitout solution that will bring your ideas, concepts and vision for your office space to life.

Everything from strategic workstation installations, furnishing designs, partition placements, down to choosing the perfect colour scheme.

The JTB’s Melbourne Office Fitouts in-house design team will be there with you every step of the way to ensure every inch of the small space you have is maximized and fully taken advantage of.

On time, on budget, every time. We let the results speak for themselves!


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Small Office Fitout Completed In Carlton, Melbourne
Melbourne Small Office Commercial Fitouts


Maximising Your Small office Space

We believe that it is the best interest of any company or small business to fit out their workspace in a way that creates a happy, healthy and ergonomic environment for their employees. Just because you own a small business doesn’t mean you have to act or think small! That being said, it simply means you will need to get creative and implement the optimal techniques to ensure the small office fitout you go with fits your business.

Does size always matter? Not in small office fitout designs. Proper space planning and design reduces clutter and empty space in ways you would not believe. Affordable, simple and effective – all serving to improve productivity. There are many ways to achieve intelligent space management, here’s how to turn a small office space into a big multi-purpose dream:

Innovative Storage

Innovative Storage Ideas

Everything else aside, the primary function of any office space is to ensure employees are supported while they do their jobs. This can be achieved with maximum satisfaction and at minimal cost. The key to boosting your bottom line is organization, especially in cases of shared spaces. Here’s how you can take advantage of hidden storage and use multipurpose functionality. 

Always remember to work with, not against, your limits. Store bought shelving and storage devices may not work, potentially even making your situation worse. However custom-made storage will perfectly fit and match your office’s proportions – every time. Take into consideration the spatial requirements of your office space. A small office fitout can give your office custom-built joinery, including multipurpose furniture with cabinet integration and open wall shelves.

Low level partitions can even serve doubly as storage units with intelligent hidden drawers and shelves, giving your office a division of space without making the whole area feel closed in.Plus, you will benefit from a space that allows for your to perform at your best and inspires you at the same time.  

Minimalist designs

Minimalist Designs Allow For More Usable Space

When you’re working with limited space – less is more. Minimalism favours functionality and simplicity, making it easy to see why it’s been one of the most popular design trends in Melbourne small office fitouts for years. The aim of this contemporary style is to create a space that is light and airy through the use of clean, modern lines. It is the idea of reducing clutter, paring back decor and only including furniture that is necessary. 

It is pretty evident why we often see minimalism work so well in small office spaces. By taking a minimalist approach, you ensure that every single item serves a specific purpose, all furniture is essential and nothing feels out of place. This style helps reduce clutter by encouraging you to find intelligent storage solutions to workplace accessories and simple things such as cables or paperwork.


Partitions Create Necessary Seperation in a Styalistic Manner

One size doesn’t always fit all, so integrating your workstations with office partitions is a flexible way to delegate zones within your office space, while maintaining an open-plan design. How do you achieve perfect partitioning? Setting up defined areas inside your office space is essential for employee productivity, and partitions offer an effective solution to the chaos of a busy office without disturbing workflow.

It is best to avoid high level, solid/opaque structures and instead choose low-level partitioning or customized glass walls. The use of transparent partitioning offers the benefits of a quiet space without spilling over into the surrounding environment. On the other hand, low-lying partitioning allows you to perfectly reconfigure your office space layout without taking any of the available space away from your room.


Individual Booths – The Perfect External Meeting Room

A new trend in small office fitouts in Melbourne is the fitting of small offices with a workspace specifically for video conferences/calls to cut back on distractions from the surrounding environment. Privacy booths and pods are customizable sound reducing furniture which offer a solution to the noise produced by the office. Employers are quickly learning that it is essential to stay up to date with the constantly changing work environment in order to properly accommodate the working style of their employees.

Boost productivity and staff morale by having the professionals of small office fitouts ergonomically customize your office furniture to fully optimize every square foot of your space. Privacy booths/pods offer the employee and the employer alike an area of collective consultation or even quiet reflection without taking up too much space. The small office design ideas of today favour open plan layouts, taking inspiration from pioneers such as Google – who have been leading the trend of privacy booths. This trend shows no signs of slowing in Melbourne. Think of comfy lounge style booths, or sleek geometric enclosed seating to get an idea.

Mezzanine levels

Mezzanine Levels Can Multiply Usable Office Space

Before you consider looking to relocate to larger, costlier commercial office spaces, have you considered expanding on the existing space you have by adding height to your dimensions? The construction of mezzanines and split-level flooring is a very cost efficient way to double your available floor space. This trend of adding a loft-style fully functional platform to your office is here to stay – and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

You can now elevate your office with a customizable structure that fits your small office fitout budget. Recycled wood and cork are a couple examples of materials that are cheap on the wallet but don’t sacrifice any style. Remember that the staircase will be the centrepiece of your split-level/mezzanine design – so ensure your decision accurately fits and represents your establishment.

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