Reservoir, Victoria 


Considered the “cultural capital of Victoria”, Reservoir is a suburb located approximately 25 kilometers north-east of Melbourne’s CBD. With a population of just over 20,000, Reservoir is serviced by a variety of public transport services and is home to a number of well-known sporting clubs.

Northern Victoria’s cool and shady alternative to Melbourne. About seven hundred kilometers northwest of Melbourne, between the swinging cities of Bendigo and Geelong, lies the reservoir town of Reservoir. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of cafes, bars, galleries, and independent businesses that have worked hard for their success.

Reservoir, one of the state’s earliest settlements, is Australia’s oldest inland settlement. Settled in 1831, the small town has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The suburb is steeped in local pride and has many famous residents including singer Richard Clapton, comedian Margaret Cho, and model Christie Brinkley.

The geology of this area is interesting, with a lot of ironstones (iron-rich sandstone) which is good for boiling down steel. There is a small volcanic area called Corryong, which is an active volcano, as well as a small area called Corryong North, which is where the Geelong Water Supply Scheme was built.

The City of Victoria is considering constructing a 1.5-km-long reservoir on the watershed of the Elk and Chehalis rivers. The utility would be used to store rainwater collected by HVAC systems in the region.

Hotels and amenities located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD offer a view of the Melbourne Reservoir as part of their package.

Sports and Entertainment in Reservoir, Victoria is a year-round outdoor activity available through a number of venues.

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Yes, this is a legitimate question. Why would anyone want to go to Reservoir, Victoria? It’s a beautiful place that also has a lot of tourists. It’s a very pretty spot in the middle of a large field with a lake, a bit of a town, a bunch of shops, and a high school. What more do you want?

I had a local cafe owner ask me recently why people go to the places in Reservoir. I was a bit puzzled by this question and asked him why he asked me. It turned out he was wondering if the people decided to go to the places in Reservoir because they were there or because they were asked to go there.