Preston, Victoria 


Preston, Victoria, Australia, is known for its vibrant street art and is home to the popular Preston Markets. Preston is located in the northwestern part of Victoria, which is bordered by the Yarra River. The average annual rainfall is 1,792 mm and the temperature fluctuates from 14.6 °C in the winter to 31.7 °C in the summer!

Preston is a city in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 15 km north of Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the City of Darebin. At the 2011 Census, Preston had a population of 21,542.

It’s a little-known fact that a large portion of Melbourne’s inner South-East suburbs was once swampland. The area was settled in the mid-1800s as the population of Melbourne grew and settlers looked for better land to farm. At first, the swampy land was thought to be worthless, but in the 1850s a bridge was built over the Yarra River, connecting the homesteads of the settlers. Soon after, the first streets were laid out, and that’s when the name Preston was given to the area.

It is a diverse, cosmopolitan suburb. It is home to many cafes and restaurants, particularly in the few blocks surrounding the railway station and on High Street. There is also an abundance of retail, including a large shopping center located next to the railway station, as well as a large specialty shopping center, the Preston Market, located on the south-western corner of High Street and Victoria Street.

The city center, also known as Central Preston, is a chilled-out place to walk around. For some, it’s a local favorite place for coffee and brunch. The streets are lined with quirky street art and indie shops, and there are plenty of nearby parks and gardens to enjoy.

The City of Preston is an area of considerable green space (in fact, it’s the largest urban park in the southern hemisphere) and high population density. It’s a city that’s also in the process of undergoing revitalization in a major way.

Entertainment and Sports of Preston, Victoria, provides a lot of entertainment, sports, and leisure activities to Preston residents, the more popular ones being soccer, baseball, basketball, and local racing. Our sports facility has a soccer pitch, a baseball field, a cricket pitch, a basketball court, a bowling green, a netball court, a skate park, and a target shooting area. Our gymnasium is a place where you can get all your fitness needs fulfilled. You can also play badminton, table tennis, squash, and Australian Rules Football here.

Preston is a popular destination for city dwellers looking to escape the congestion of the big smoke. With an idyllic location next to the Yarra River, this charming town boasts both beautiful scenery and rich cultural history. The main street of Preston has been preserved as it was in the 19th Century, and visitors can expect to find a well-preserved collection of historical buildings and landmarks.

If you have never visited Preston, Victoria, you have really missed a lot. There are plenty of things that you can do in Preston, Victoria and it is a great place to visit. The place is indeed very popular and this is because of the fact that there are a lot of things that you can do in and around the place.