Maribyrnong, Victoria 


Maribyrnong is an inner-northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia, with a population of 67,467. The suburb is close enough to Melbourne City to be easily accessed, but it is far enough away that it offers a real rural feel.

Located about 15 kilometers east of Melbourne, Maribyrnong shares a border with neighboring suburbs Wheelers Hill and Footscray. Named the “City of Towers,” Maribyrnong’s metropolitan population is about 125,000, and the suburbs that border it have roughly 100,000 each.

Maribyrnong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Located 22 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s central business district, it is located in the rural area of the City of Hume. The population of Maribyrnong at the 2011 census was 9,543.

Maribyrnong or the “Maribyrnong river” in central Victoria, Australia, is the southernmost city in Australia’s state of Victoria and the easternmost urban center in the state. Maribyrnong is located on the Maribyrnong River in the center of the state and was the first urban area of Australia to be declared a city, by proclamation in 1862.

A suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, situated near the Maribyrnong River, the suburb is named after the River Maribyrnong. As of the 2011 census, Maribyrnong had a population of 43,645.

The Central Australian Aboriginal group Maribyrnong may have a language all its own, but it’s not on the list of languages spoken in Victoria, Australia.

In Australia, the census is carried out every five years. It is designed to count every person living in Australia. Since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is responsible for the census, the Australian government answers to the prime minister. This means that the prime minister can silence any debate that may arise from the census. This led to the creation of the ABS Advisory Council for Cultural Diversity in recognition of the importance of recognizing the cultural diversity of Australia. The advisory council is made up of representatives from all participating cultural groups and aims to ensure that cultural priorities are reflected in the preparations for the next census.

Why must people want to see Maribyrnong, Victoria? That’s the question of the day. Brazen as it might be, the question was first posed by an Aussie radio host and was later tweeted out by a local councilor. The question came about after a local resident asked the City of Maribyrnong Council to allocate $20,000 to host the “Open House Maribyrnong” event. The event would be a chance to show off Maribyrnong to the rest of the world, the resident said.