Carlton, Victoria 


Carlton, Victoria is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It is 3 km south-east of Melbourne City, Australia’s second-largest city. Carlton is bordered on the north by Parkville, on the east by Brunswick, on the south by St. Kilda, and on the west by Fitzroy. Carlton was named after the 1st Earl of Carlton, but the earl’s name has been removed from the suburb’s name and the official name is Carlton North.

Carlton was first settled in 1836 when Patrick Ramsay opened the first butcher shop in Carlton. He named the area in honor of Count Charles de Morny, 3rd Duke of Morny, a friend of the Ramsay family. In 1863, Carlton became a municipality. By 1878, Carlton had become well known for its parks and gardens.

Despite its name, the suburb of Carlton is home to a substantial number of apartments, rather than manors. The suburb has had a few names over the years, including “Carlton North” and “Carlton South”. The name Carlton was first used in 1855, when surveyor H.C. Lefroy named the area after the town of Carlton in Nottinghamshire, England. He called the area North Carlton until 1870 when the name became official.

The original land grant was made to John Pascoe Fawkner, who named the area he purchased ‘Carlton’ after the childhood home of his father. Today, the area that Fawkner originally named Carlton is now known as Princes Hill.

The suburb is part of the City of Yarra local government area.

The population of Carlton is estimated to be around 4,002. The top 5 ancestries for people in Carlton were Australian, English, Scottish, Irish, and German.
The top 5 languages (other than English) spoken in Carlton were Spanish, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, and Dutch. The religious makeup of Carlton is 35.2% No Religion, 24.8% Catholic, 19.9% Anglican, 12.2% Religious affiliation not stated, 6.0% Eastern Orthodox, and 1.7% Presbyterian and Reformed.

It’s pretty much the same as any other place in Victoria in terms of tourist attractions, although there are a few unique attractions in the city. The most famous of these is probably the Kirk’s Steakhouse, which ranks as one of the best restaurants in the country. It’s a little bit expensive but well worth it for a special occasion, or if you want to treat yourself.

The Sheas Creek School, a public primary school, is located in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. Carlton is a suburb of Melbourne and is 35 km from the city center.

The school opened in 1883 as Carlton South School but was renamed in 1910 to Carlton South State School. The school was renamed again in 1930 to its current name, Sheas Creek School. The school has been rebuilt three times.

The Carlton & United Breweries site is situated in the suburb of Carlton in the north of the city of Melbourne, Victoria. The site is bounded by Victoria Parade to the east, Lygon Street to the south, Rathdowne Street to the west, and Swanston Street to the north. The site contains a number of heritage-listed sites and is within the Carlton Heritage Study Area.
In addition to the brewery and its outbuildings, the site contains:
– The Carlton Brewery Hotel (1864)
– The CUB Carlton Brewery Taproom (1885)
– The Abbotsford Convent (1859)
– St Patrick’s Church (1874)
– The former Linlithgow Rose and Crown Hotel

For a half a century, Melbourne, Australia has been home to the Australian Open, a notable tennis tournament. This year, the event is being hosted at Melbourne Park, a public sports and recreation facility located in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne that is known for the Victorian Opera House, the MCG sports stadium, and the Yarra River. As the official website states, “Carlton is the home of Australian Open Tennis. The tournament has been held in Melbourne since 1977 when it was held at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club.”