Now & Then Cafe 


Now and Then is a cafe in Kew, Melbourne. It’s located at Kew East. The Kew Now & Then Cafe is one of these new cafes in the suburb. This cafe is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon and will have you feeling like you’re in Europe all day long. 

The Kew Now & Then Cafe is located on Thompsons Rd (opposite the Kew tram stop) in the shopping strip of Kew. This cafe is a great place to stop for a snack or light lunch. It has a great selection of European-style food to enjoy. The cafe consists of a small open-plan dining area, a small kitchen, and a large covered courtyard that faces the tram stop.

It is a wonderful place to come for a cup of tea or coffee, a light meal, or a snack. 

The cafe is owned by two sisters and their two daughters who also work there. They have been running the cafe since March 2015. It is one of the side businesses that they do in their spare time. They source their produce from local farmers and source their baked goods from other local bakeries. They source as much as possible from within a 100-kilometer radius.

This cafe is known for its delicious meals, which are all vegetarian. Their menu has a variety of meals from breakfast, soup, and sandwiches. They also have a selection of pastries, cakes, and other desserts. The staffs are helpful and friendly. 

If you are in Kew, you should come here for lunch or dinner.They serve coffee, sandwiches, soups, and salads. The interior is very cozy and beautiful. They also have a little shop outside their cafe. It sells stationery, gifts, art, and other things. They have many local artists as well, and I love their collection. It’s a great place to buy stationery, gifts or art.

Now & Then Cafe is located on the north side of the railway tracks in Kew. The setting is very suburban with houses on the left and railway tracks on the right. It is a very peaceful setting with a feeling of space. The space is well utilized and the cafe feels very open and airy. Another plus is that there is ample free street parking.

If you’re looking for a top-notch coffee paired with mouth-watering desserts, look no further than Now & Then Cafe in Kew. This hidden little gem only opened its doors in Kew at the beginning of June, but it’s already received so much love. The cafe is nestled in the heart of Kew Village and is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing; which is why it’s already so popular amongst locals.

The cafe is famous for its roast chook and coffee. Now & Then Cafe and Wine Store was established in 1983. We are one of the most popular and best restaurants in Kew. Now & Then is a cafe and wine store that is located in Kew, a suburb of Melbourne. It is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. We have a wide variety of food and beverages on our menu to satisfy any taste. We also have a great selection of wines, beers, and spirits to choose from. We have a great number of reviews on our Facebook page that you can look through. We have a great menu that we have to offer our clients. We also have a great selection of wines, beers, and spirits.

Now and then, a true gem of a restaurant comes along a place that captures the true essence of what a cafe should be and does it better than any other cafe around. In the busy, vibrant area of Kew, Now and Then is such a place. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly staff, who know just how to make you feel at home. It is a small, family-owned coffee shop in Kew, which is just outside of the central business district in Melbourne. It’s a great place to meet friends, or just catch up with them over a cup of coffee. It’s one of the only spots in Kew where you can get a good cup of coffee (if not the only place, really). It’s not fancy or high-end, but it’s still a good place to meet friends and family for dinner.

In the not-so-distant past, Kew was a sleepy inner suburb hiding away from the world. Now, thanks to the revitalization of the area and the opening of cafes like Now and Then, it’s now one of Melbourne’s hippest neighborhoods. You can tell from the buzz of people going to and from Now and Then, which is a good indicator of how much people love the place. The cafe itself is an oasis of calm and an excellent spot for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. With art-deco fixtures, gorgeous natural light, and a terrace with views of Kew’s botanical gardens, Now and Then is the perfect place to sit back and relax.

The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. Although it gets very busy during the evenings, so you might want to come earlier in the day. There is also some limited parking along the street.

For anyone who loves coffee as much as we do, this is pretty momentous news. And that’s because Kew (Melbourne’s new cafe hotspot) has just announced the opening of a new café called Now & Then. And yes, that’s right. We have our very own cafe in Kew.

That’s right. The hidden gem of Kew has just announced the opening of its very first cafes. And that is called Now & Then Cafe.  You know what? You’re probably thinking that we’ve made this up. Well, no. Because Now & Then Café will be serving delicious coffee and pastries in Kew.

A lot of independent coffee shops like this are closing down all over the world, but it’s good to know that a few of them are still thriving and thriving well in the suburbs.