Bellbird Picnic Area 


The Bellbird picnic area is close to the Bellbird Trail Walkway through the Eltham Valley, located in Kew. It is located about 5 minutes drive from the Bellbird Trail Walkway, on the side of the road where you see the picnic area and a few camping sites, not much more than that. This area is perfect for birders, as it offers a birding opportunity like no other. With a variety of habitats and a good variety of bird species, this is a perfect area for anyone whether a beginner or a seasoned birder. It is a great spot to see a wide variety of Australian birds, including the endangered blue-and-yellow robin.

The Bellbird Picnic Area is a popular bushland spot just outside of the city of Melbourne. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic, and perfect for those looking to explore a little bit of the surrounding area.

The Bellbird Picnic Area is located in Kew, which is about 15 minutes drive from the CBD. It’s located in the Western Catchment area of Bells Lake and is a popular spot for bird watching.

The Bellbird Picnic Area in Kew is a scenic location on Mount Dandenong. The picnic spot comes equipped with a BBQ shelter, toilets, a playground, and a dog off-leash area. There is also a boat launch in the area, which makes it a fun place to bring the whole family to picnic.

If you’re heading to Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens with children, the Bellbird Picnic Area is one destination you’ll want to add to your list. Located adjacent to the Myall Lakes Walk, this tranquil spot is perfect for a family outing. A mere 15-minute walk from the gardens, the Bellbird Picnic Area boasts a series of flora-covered hills, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. And during the winter months, the area can be transformed into an ice skating rink. Mums and dads can pose for photos with their children next to one of Yarra’s most picturesque landmarks.

The Bellbird Picnic Area is located in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, one hour east of the city of Perth, Western Australia. It is situated on the North West Coastal Highway between the towns of Jarrahdale and Serpentine. It is on the banks of the Swan River and has the appearance of a large, tree-filled park. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The picnic area is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm daily. The Area was named after an old pioneer family who used to live there. The area is also referred to as “Bellbird Park”, “Bellbird Reserve” and “Bellbird Recreation”.

It is a small, fenced reserve where park rangers patrol the area and have a basic first-aid kit for minor injuries. No bins are provided, so you must take your rubbish with you. It is very important to keep your food safe from wildlife, so keep your food in the car at all times, and take it out of the car only when you are ready to eat. There are no bbq facilities at Bellbird Picnic Area, but open fires are permitted in a designated fire ring. The area is surrounded by grassland, but no shade is provided. It is accessed via Bellbird Avenue and is host to a small playground area, BBQ facilities, and tables, as well as a small children’s treetop walk.

Find the exit from the Western Ring Road that leads to Williams Rd and take the first turning to the left. This road is St Georges Rd. You will then come to some traffic lights. At these lights, turn left onto Edwards Rd. This will then lead you to Bellbird Park Road. Turn right at the intersection and the picnic area will be on your right.

The picnic area is not only a great place for camping and hiking but also a great place to swim, rock pool, and generally have fun. The Bellbird picnic area is also a great base to visit other nearby attractions such as the Waitomo Caves. The location offers visitors and picnic enthusiasts the greatest variety of flora and fauna in the area. The place is a popular destination for hikers, campers, and picnickers and a favorite spot for birdwatchers.