How long does an office fit out take

There are many things you can do to make your office in the Melbourne CBD more comfortable and more productive for your staff, and upgrading work areas is an important part of encouraging productivity and improving work-life balance.

A way to achieve this is by upgrading the interior of your office. This process is called an office fit-out. An office fit out can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or so, depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the job, the demands of the client, the style of the fit out, and the quality of the fit out team.

Our team at JTB’s Melbourne Office Refurbishments will project manage the entire process for you so that there is very little time of yours (or your company’s point of contact) needed.

This article will lay out typical timelines assuming you are outfitting an office that your company does not currently occupy.

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Factors to consider during an office fit out:

Size of the office & Complexity of the fit out plan

This is probably the biggest factor in determining the length of the process. Size doesn’t exactly equal complexity but if you as a client want a lot of customized builds and designs done to a larger amount of space, it will take longer.

Condition of the property

The process can happen a lot faster if the office space is actually ready for a fit out. A completely empty space will generally be quicker to complete the fit out because there is not the need to remove furniture and rip out parts of the office that won’t be in the new office design.

Fiber connection is also an important aspect for any Melbourne-based business to function properly. It might add a few more days or even weeks to the process if it doesn’t come preinstalled.

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Government/Council Approval 

Office fitouts involve a little bit of construction and it will be located in a building or area that is densely populated. Safety is the top priority for situations like this so approval from the governing body is important. 

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Furniture & Supplies

Your plan might all be sorted out but if you have nothing to actually fit out an office with, there will still be a delay. This is one reason why you might consider procuring your office furniture through our team. We source a huge range of furniture at all price levels here in Australia and from abroad.

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Our team at JTB’s Melbourne Office Refurbishments has compiled a list of steps of the office fitout process so every Melbourne business owner can have a timeline for how long it will take. 

Identifying needs 1 week

You cannot start a project without a proper plan and the right people to deliver against that plan. 

Site Planning For Refurbishment In Melbourne

Finding an office space – 6 to 9 weeks

This is one of the lengthier parts of the process, if you don’t have a specific location in mind or you’re not fitting out an existing office space then you should factor this time into your timeline.

An ideal way to get through this step is to make a shortlist of all the properties available and list the pros and cons of each matching your needs to what is currently available on the market.

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Site and Audit Requirements – 1 to 2 weeks

An initial site survey includes a full assessment of the existing building measurements and features. Your brief should incorporate what you’d like to add to your interior design and fit-out. You may want to prioritize your list in case your budget determines that some can not be included.

Outline Design Documentation – 1 to 2 weeks

This includes a proposed floor plan, specification, costs, and program/timeline. The extent of this documentation will be dependent on a number of factors. The size of the space, the complexity of the fit out, and the information available contribute to the level of information required. 

Office Refurbishment Documentation In Melbourne

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Detailed Design Documentation – 2 to 4 weeks

This involves sorting out the details of the general plan that will include provisions for mechanicals, electricals, and fire service requirements. The technical information found here will be the building block for the whole fit out process.

Approvals – 1 week

The consent needed from the governing body as well as the landlord is crucial for the timeline to be followed.

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Construction period – 6 to 12 weeks

Once all the plans have been approved, construction can begin. The amount of time needed will depend on the size of the area that needs to be fitted.

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Handover and move in – 1 week

After the construction, the contractors will hand over a new and fresh office space that will inspire productivity for those working in the space. 

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