Geelong West,Victoria 


Geelong West is a commercial and residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria. When Geelong was founded, the area was known as Kildare but its name was changed to Geelong West in 1875. The main street is Pakington Street. At the 2016 Census, Geelong West had a population of 6,966.

In 1875, the entire Ashby area was renamed Geelong West. The Ashby state school, which had only opened that year, had its name changed to Geelong West. In 1988, as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations, the school changed its name back to Ashby. A Post Office named Geelong West opened on 1 July 1865, but was replaced and renamed Geelong North Railway Station in 1886. On 1 April 1887, the Geelong West office reopened near its present location. In 1960, Shandeen Post Office opened near the corner of Aberdeen Road and Shannon Avenue.

From 1912 until 1956, Geelong West was served by an electric tramway service in Pakington Street, after which the service was replaced by buses run by Benders Buslines.

The M. Donaghy & Sons ropeworks was located in Pakington Street. The site has been redeveloped into a shopping centre, with a Woolworths (formerly Safeway) supermarket and other shops.

Geelong West is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It lies 11 km south-west of Melbourne’s central business district. It is situated between Geelong and Corio Bay. Geelong West’s population is currently 11,000.

Its local government area is the City of Greater Geelong. At the 2016 Census, Geelong West had a population of 5,401.

Geelong West is an inner northern suburb of Geelong about 1.5km from the centre of Geelong. It is bounded by the suburbs of Lara, Newtown, Geelong East, and Whittington. It is well serviced by public transport and is close to Geelong’s central business district, with close proximity to the Geelong Hospital and Geelong West Primary School. It is one of the 33 local government areas that make up Victoria, Australia. The area is named after the city of Geelong, which is located approximately 35 km away from the main metropolitan area. Created in 1994, Geelong West stretches from the Bellarine Peninsula in the north to Geelong in the south.

Geelong West is home to a variety of tourist attractions and sporting venues. The waterfront, for example, is the hub of Geelong West. The waterfront is home to a boat ramp, several restaurants, a shopping centre, and other facilities. The waterfront is a beautiful place.

Australians are proud of their sporting heritage and, notably, Australian Rules Football (AFL) is celebrated as one of the country’s most loved sports. Geelong, Victoria, is famous not only for its love of football, but also for being the birthplace of the first Australian Rules Football team. Geelong West, a suburb of Geelong, is the birthplace of Geelong Football Club, as well as the home of its administrative headquarters.