Anakie is located about 30 minutes west of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is on the Great Ocean Road, on the Bay River, which is fed by the Lakes Entrance aquifer. The town centre is on the south bank of the Bay River.

Anakie is regarded as the northernmost suburb of Greater Geelong, and is bounded by the Western Highway to the north, the Princes Highway to the east, the Bellarine Highway to the south, and a series of reserves and parks to the west. The Bay River runs through the suburb, and the source of this river is believed to be Lake Connewarre, 5 km west of Anakie.

The town was formally established in 1861, and was named after an Aboriginal word of unknown meaning, thought to have meant “rocky outcrop”. Anakie Post Office opened on 1 July 1861, was renamed Anakie North in 1969, and was disestablished in 1989

Anakie is a mostly rural suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. It is situated 25 kilometers north-east of Melbourne’s central business district. On Australia Day 1976, Anakie was named as one of 50 new suburbs in greater Melbourne.

The Anakie Falls and River Walks are one of the main attractions of the town. The Anakie River runs right through the heart of town, hence the name. The falls are a short walk from the river walk, and the walk itself is well paved, making it perfect for a jog or walk, regardless of the weather. There is a picnic table located halfway along the river walk, and the falls are visible through the trees.

These were the highlights of Anakie,Victoria . Why people must come and see :

  1. Great coffee
  2. Friendly people
  3. Local art
  4. Beautiful architecture
  5. Great Food
  6. Lovely Accommodation
  7. Lovely Shopping
  8. Wonderful Finds
  9. It has 4 lakes,30km walking-tracks and 25km of mountain bike tracks
  10. It has great climate with average 20 celsius
  11. It has fantastic opportunities for walking, mountain biking, boating and fishing
  12. Good school ratings
  13. It is close to Melbourne and close to beach and bushland
  14. It has the best shopping Australia has to offer
  15. The Anakie Arcade has 5 large movie theatres
  16. Its a very beautiful town
  17. It has a large farmers market at the town hall.

When visitors leave the island, they’ll agree that Anakie is a special place. The clear blue waters, the white sands and the warm hospitality invite people to return again and again.