Knox Leisureworks 


Knox, Leisureworks in Boronia, Melbourne is part of a larger network of centers that specialize in addiction recovery. The Boronia center offers both short and long-term treatment, based on each client’s individual needs. The Boronia center offers both residential and inpatient treatment programs and also offers clients the opportunity to work therapeutically with animals. Clients can expect to be provided with insight into their addiction, the processes that led to it, and the ways they can overcome it.

Knox Leisureworks is our leading aquatic and recreation center. It has been keeping Knox residents active and healthy for over 50 years.

The center is managed in partnership with Belgravia Leisure.

Do you wish there was a solution to living better and being happier? Well, there is – it’s called Knox, Leisureworks in Boronia, Melbourne. This facility strives to offer holistic lifestyle change with professional, goal-orientated programs that aim to improve your life for the better.

Knox Leisureworks, a healthcare technology company, recently launched a new electronic patient portal that enables patients to track their medical records. With the launch of Knox’s Aspect Patient Portal at Knox Leisureworks’ recent annual conference, the company has now enabled patients to access their vital health information wherever they are, any time of day.

Are you suffering from depression? If so, you should visit Knox Leisureworks in Boronia, Melbourne, and enjoy about 50 different programs including yoga, pilates, exercise, martial arts, and more! They help you recover from depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, and so much more! Call them on 9760 2345 for more information or visit their website at

Knox Leisureworks is the premium provider of exercise equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, rowers, cross-trainers, and weights. Their brands include True Fitness, NordicTrack, ProForm, and Life Fitness.

It has been manufacturing games tables, pool tables, jukeboxes, and Australia’s best range of commercial pool equipment since 1975. Our factory, based in Melbourne, is ISO9001 certified and is the largest billiards games table manufacturer in Australia. We are also the sole distributor of all Leisureworks products in Australia.

Knox Leisureworks is a family-owned and operated company, founded by Ray Knox in 1965. Since then, Ray has been supplying our customers with quality leisure products. We have grown from selling portable radios to becoming a major supplier of leisure equipment.

If you want a break from the everyday grind, then Perth’s Knox Leisureworks in Boronia, Melbourne is exactly what you need. It’s a small boutique hotel nestled in a tranquil park and home to a 24-hour gym, a range of classes and programs, a spa, swimming pool, sauna and steam room, a hair salon, and a 24-hour reception. Whether you enjoy relaxing in the gardens or taking a dip in the pool, Knox Leisureworks has you covered.

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When you are looking for a residential drug or alcohol rehab center in Knox, Leisureworks Boronia is your only choice!