Wantirna South, Victoria 


Wantirna South is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 28 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District via the Eastern Freeway. In the local government area of the City of Knox, it is 2 km east of Wantirna and 2 km west of Boronia.

The suburb of Wantirna South was named after the Wantirna Station, which in turn was named after a local Aborigine word, ‘wandin’, meaning ‘swamp’. The station was first settled in the 1840s, with the Post Office opening on 27 October 1882, in the Wantirna Homestead.

It is bounded to the north by the Yarra River. The area is home to the Wantirna South Shopping Centre as well as the Knox Private Hospital and the Knox Community Health Centre. There is also a large park on the north bank of the Yarra, known as the Wantirna South Reserve, which is home to three ovals for cricket, Australian rules football, and soccer.

The town was formally established in 1890, but evidence of human occupation in the area dates as far back as 8000 years ago.

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Wantirna South is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is 11 km northeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Wantirna South recorded a population of 12,954 in the 2016 Census.

The suburb is 27 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The main shopping centers are Wantirna South and Lower Plenty, although there are also a number of small shopping strips along Wantirna South Road.

It is a suburb in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Wantirna is a well-established suburb that has grown rapidly with many new housing and shopping developments over the past 10 years. It is situated approximately 30km east of the Melbourne CBD. The suburb has a population of approximately 15,000. It is primarily a residential suburb and is bordered by the Wantirna creek to the north and east.

The current population is approx. 20,000. Situated on the eastern fringes of Melbourne, the closest neighboring suburbs are Ringwood to the north-east, Wantirna to the north-west, Ringwood East to the west, and Mitcham to the south.

The suburb is 33 km east of Melbourne’s central business district. Wantirna South is serviced by the Wantirna South railway station on the Belgrave railway line. Wantirna South recorded a population of 5,879 in the 2001 census.

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