Knoxfield, Victoria 


Knoxfield is a small town on the edge of Melbourne, Australia. It’s known as the suburb of ‘Retirement Living’, which makes it the perfect place to retire. And that’s what John and Elaine Price did. John and Elaine retired and purchased a home in Knoxfield about seven years ago, and they love the location and the weather. The weather in Melbourne is absolutely perfect almost all of the time, and the couple loves to travel during the day, then unwind at home once the sun goes down.

The town of Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia takes its name from the Earl of Knox, who was a secretary of state for the crown. Early settlers started ranging over the area in the early 1800s, and by 1848 there were 450-acre farms, most of them owned by Scottish immigrants. The town has a cool history. In 1862, Knoxfield became the site of a rebellion, the first recorded armed uprising in Australia, when residents fought a standoff with British soldiers, who were attempting to take possession of a post office they believed was rightfully theirs. The rebellion resulted in the deaths of 25 people, including 5 soldiers.

How to get to Knoxfield from Boronia? It’s very easy – follow these simple instructions. But first, here’s a little bit of history. Knoxfield shops are located on the corner of Burwood Highway and Ross Street, Knoxfield, which is in the City of Knox. Knoxfield is about 15 kilometers east of the Melbourne CBD. Knoxfield is part of the Shire of Yarra Ranges. It is in the federal Division of Higgins, and the state seat of Ferntree Gully. When Knoxfield was first established, it was a tiny settlement. But it was a popular spot for day-trippers. They would come to the area to enjoy the nearby Yarra River and the Knox reserve. Knoxfield was

The easiest way to get to Knoxfield from Boronia is by car. Car is the most convenient method of transportation from Boronia to Knoxfield. You can begin your journey from Boronia by driving towards the Western Ring Road. On the Western Ring Road, drive along the CityLink towards the South Gippsland Highway. As for your destination, you can exit the Western Ring Road at Warrigal Road. Then, on Warrigal Road, drive toward the Monash Freeway. On the Monash Freeway, drive along the Princes Highway toward the South Gippsland Highway. On the South Gippsland Highway, drive along the Princes Highway toward the Monash Freeway.

Knoxfield is a small town, just 24 square kilometers or so, and a suburb of Melbourne. It’s been around since the 1840s and is named after John Knox, an early Melbourne pioneer and a man passionate about education. This passion did not extend to the children of Knoxfield, however, who were forced to make do with a school that was barely more than a shack. The school was closed in 1879 but was later reopened.

As for the local attractions, Knoxfield is more about residential areas and parks than cafes and shops. It has a primary school, a secondary school, a kindy, a Catholic school, and a bunch of parks, shops, and other facilities.

Its local government area is the City of Knox. At the 2011 Census, Knoxfield had a population of 11,281. The suburb is bounded by the Metropolitan Ring Road to the north, the Eastlink freeway to the south, the Princes Highway to the east, and Mont Albert Road to the west.

The Knoxfield Shopping Centre is home to a major Big W discount department store, a chemist, plenty of restaurants, and a supermarket. Knoxfield has an Oceanic Drive-In cinema and an Equestrian Centre.

Knoxfield, Victoria offers a unique lifestyle for people who want to live and work in a small country town and still be close to many of the benefits of living in a bigger city.

In the early 1850s, Knoxfield was known as ‘the Flats’, until the railway line was constructed through the area in 1882. The railway line was subsequently closed in the 1960s. Knoxfield was a farming settlement until the late 1960s when housing estates were constructed in the area.

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